Multi-age Classrooms

Studies show that students in multiage classrooms show increased self-esteem, more cooperative behavior, increased prosocial (caring, tolerant, patient, supportive) behavior, enriched personal relationships, increased personal responsibility, and a decline in discipline problems. Students have a better attitude towards school as the Multiage Classroom creates a learning environment that keeps students involved and motivated.

These affective gains are due in part to the fact that competition is minimized as children progress at their own pace and individual differences are celebrated. Gifted children are challenged to achieve to their potential because there is no limitation of a grade-level curriculum. Children who need extra time or help, typically find that their individual differences are accepted and their contributions are recognized.

Older students in particular develop mentoring and leadership skills as a result of serving as role models and helping the younger children.

Sacred Heart's Classroom Management Philosophy

We believe it is vital for young children to have clear, consistent and appropriate limits on behavior. We are committed to developing a positive self-esteem and independent, responsible and caring behavior on the part of our students. The essence of Christian moral discipline is self-discipline. We approach setting limits and discipline in a predictable manner with inner discipline as our primary objective. Positive redirection and guided problem solving are our first courses of action. Our hope is that our students will be motivated by the greater good, and with the guidance and direction of their parents, teachers and other significant adults in their lives, their ability and willingness to make choices that are in line with the teachings of Christ will grow and flourish.