Parent Involvement

Sacred Heart Catholic Cooperative is a Homeschool Cooperative Ministry. Parent involvement is vital to the function and success of this ministry and is therefore required of families who wish to enroll at Sacred Heart.

  • All Adults working in the classroom will be required to complete a background check and the Safe Environment Training.
  • Parents can take turns helping out in the classroom on a rotating basis, teach a subject, or lead a reading group.
  • Parents will be asked to help clean the classroom and bathrooms.
  • Parents will be asked to assist with SHCC fundraisers.
  • Parents will provide Sack Lunches and Healthy snacks for their children. There is a refrigerator and microwave in the classroom.
  • There are expectations for Educational Support at Home. Friday is considered a homeschool day, students will have assigned work to complete that day.
  • Parents can also help organize field trips or special events (plays, spelling bees, parties, etc.).
  • A Calendar for Parent Helping will be posted in the first classroom to sign up for specific days. Half days are also an option.

Benefits of a Parent Cooperative

  • Through volunteering, we are able to provide our children a "Private School" quality education at a low cost.
  • Parents gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of their own children through active participation in their education.
  • Both students and parents have a greater sense of security, and the relationships between school and home are more meaningful. Relationships among students, teachers, and parents are enriched as a result of working together.
  • Parents have the opportunity to share their experiences and expertise with others while working together in a cooperative setting.